Application field of magnetic coupling

Application field of magnetic coupling

Application field and overview at home and abroad

One of the successful applications of magnetic drive coupling is its combination with pump - magnetic pump. In the past, it was used as a valuable special product only when it was necessary, but now its application field is very wide. Most of the liquids in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, film, electroplating, nuclear power and other industries are corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable, and the leakage brings waste of working liquid and environmental pollution; Vacuum and semiconductor industries shall prevent the invasion of external gases; Diet, biology and medicine should ensure the purity and hygiene of the medium. Magnetic drive coupling has found its place in these fields. It can be said that magnetic pump is a big market for magnetic materials.

The magnetic drive coupling, especially the permanent magnetic coupling, is applied to the valve. The valve stem does not pass through the valve bonnet, and the stuffing box is omitted, so it is named as the fully closed packing free permanent magnetic drive valve. The valve can operate safely and reliably for a long time without stuffing box; There is no friction torque between the valve rod and the packing, and the rotation is labor-saving; No external gas enters the negative pressure operation. All industrial valves such as stop valve, gate valve, ball valve and butterfly valve can be transformed into fully closed valves.

The reactor is a kind of mixed reaction equipment widely used in chemical plants. The liquid is often stirred under pressure, and the reactants have a certain temperature, corrosivity, and volatility. Therefore, the sealing of the shaft has become an important problem for the reactor. The reaction equipment with agitator shall be driven by magnetic force, which can avoid oxidation and condensation of medium in addition to achieving sealing.

With the development of magnetic materials and the emergence of new magnetic materials, the torque transmitted by magnetic transmission couplings will become larger and smaller, and their volume will become smaller and smaller. Their application scope will become wider and wider. In addition to pumps and reaction kettles, valves, hydraulic cylinders and cylinders, as well as other occasions that need to solve the problem of dynamic seal leakage, can be used.

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