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Since in 2009, magnet forever has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of ferrite and neodymium magnets. We continuously improve the formula to improve the performance of the magnet and reduce the cost. With the business philosophy of environmental protection, innovation and hard work, we dream of manufacturing high-quality products and providing product solutions.

Magnet Forever has won the trust and respect of many customers. And has developed into one of the most competitive manufacturers in the magnetic industry. Especially electro-acoustic & motor magnets, with its excellent quality and rich product series, are in a leading position among the peers, making us a supplier to many well-known customers.

Magnet Forever has always advocated a scientific management system that can more effectively control product quality and efficiency. Obtained ISO certificate in 2010 and TS16949 certificate in 2012.

Q.C.Organization Chart

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Production Workshop:

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