Rare earth permanent magnet production process and equipment

Melting Furnace

Vacuum smelting furnace is an important equipment in the production of neodymium magnets. It can fully smelt rare earth and iron and make them fully mixed.

Continuous sintering furnace.jpg

Sintering Furnace

We have 20 sintering furnaces, which can sinter more than 150 tons of neodymium magnets per month.

Sintering furnace.jpg

Hydrogen crusher:

Hydrogen crushing and pulverizing equipment, they can be smelted metal alloy broken down to 7-12um small particles.

Hydrogen crusher.jpg

Press machinery:

Press machinery.jpg

Slicing machine:

Use a cutting machine to cut the magnet into the size and shape you need.

Slicing machine.jpg

More advanced multi-wire cutting equipment:

Wire cutter.jpg

Testing laboratory:

During the production process and after the production is completed, the magnet needs to pass strict tests to ensure the consistency and stability of the magnet's performance and meet the performance requirements.








For the sub-inspection and packaging of magnets, we need to make the final inspection before the factory to check the appearance and size of the product. Packing is carried out after being qualified.

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