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Countersunk Round NdFeB Pot Magnet

Countersunk Round NdFeB Pot Magnet

Product name: Countersunk Round NdFeB Pot Magnet Size: Customized by your idea; Feature: Magnetic Stronger than the same size magnet...

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Countersunk Round NdFeB Pot Magnet

Product Photo:

1) Raw Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron + Metal Pot 
2) Temperature: the max operating temp is up to 200-degree centigrade or 380 Curie temperature; 
3) All the product can be Customized for your real usage;
4) The feature of the Pot magnet: Strong pull force, the Round metal pot constraint the magnetic of the NdFeB Magnet, and the countersunk is easy to hold the magnet on the wall. the parameter as follows:

The common tolerance of the Pot Magnet: +/- 0.05 mm;
The higher require of the magnet Tolerance should be checked when inquiry.

Allowance of the Pot Magnet:

The magnetization of the NdFeB Magnet:

Packaging and Certificate of the magnet:
Magnforever——we're here for you forever:

Buyer guidance:
 To make sure our prompt response to your questions, pls send the inquiry with the details as follows:
1. Size, Grade, Parameter of the magnet;
2. Order quantity;
3. Drawing design of the item;
4. The special packaging describes if require.

Generall, the sample will be sent by DHL Express.
Sea shipping and Air shipping for the bulk goods;
Arrange your own forwarder is available.

We're always in here:
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