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Large Diametrically Magnetized Ring Magnet Wikipedia

Name: ring magnet material: neodymium magnet Size: customized coating: Ni,Zn,gold,black epoxy ......

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Large Diametrically Magnetized Ring Magnet Wikipedia


Sintered neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnet Performance Grade


Neodymium Magnet Dimensions and Shape

Accept customized


Zinc, Ni-Cu-Ni, Epoxy, Rubber, Gold, Sliver, and so on


Routine ±0.1mm and strict ±0.05mm






Audio equipment: headphones, microphone, speaker.

Instruments: electric meter, speed meter, flowmeter, tachometer.

Medical equipment: MRI, magnetic water devices and magnetic water treatment device, magnetic device.

Motor: voice coil motor(VCM), step motor, textile synchronous motor, geared motor, disc motors, servo motors, permanent magnet moving coil device.

Industrial electric drive and control: magnetic clamp, magnetic crane, magnetic filter, CD_ROM, oil degreasing equipment, magnetic coupling, magnetic switch.




The neodymium magnets extremely stronger.  

They must be handled with care to avoid personal injury or damage to the magnets.

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Ring Magnet Specifications:


A. Materials: Neodymium-Iron-Boron;

B. Utilizations of new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment ;

C. High coercive force, the max operation temp is up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature;

D. High quality with competitive prices;

E. Grades:N35-N52, 35M-52M, 33H-50H, 33SH-45SH, 30UH-42UH, 30EH-38EH, and 28AH-33AH

F. Various shapes and sizes or according to customers' request;

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G. Coating: such as Nikel, Zn, gold, epoxy, and so on;


H. Applications:Sensors,motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on


I. Shipping port:Shanghai port(Or we delivery client port)

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Round Base Magnet Directions of Magnetization


A.Thickness Magnetized

B.Axially Magnetized

C.Diametrally Magnetized

D.Multi-poles magnetized

E.Radial Magnetized


J: Life of NdFeB magnets: In normal working environment, NdFeB magnets are not degaussing and are permanent magnets. Pay special attention to: Generally, it can only be used in environments below max working temperture degrees. Temperature should be selected from different high temperature materials.



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