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Why can magnets absorb iron? Where does its energy come from?
Nov 05, 2018

The reason of ferromagnetic material can be attracted by the magnet is its internal magnetic domain magnetic field can be polarized, after being polarized material will be guided by the magnetic attraction, then on the contrary, if the material domain cannot be magnetic polarization or difficult to polarization, so I am sorry, effect of magnetic field on this material is very weak, shown the The nature is that every pipe has no feeling of being attracted.

Common such as iron or iron nickel alloy or steel are relatively easily magnetized materials and magnet, NdFeB magnetic material or is strong magnetic material! Aluminum is a paramagnetic material while copper is a diamagnetic material. We are the most widely used in magnetic and magnetic materials, has a very high permeability soft magnetic material, it has a characteristic that is in a magnetic field to the domain is easy to disappear once again but a right back material, its application is very extensive, such as the production of motor and transformer core if not, the silicon steel. With this material, the motor will not start or heat easily. And this is also a type of ferrite magnetic field, it in the high frequency performance is excellent, and in low frequency silicon steel is widely used in a variety of commonly used frequency, which will cover basic!

Vector domain observation system material, vector magnetic domain observation through longitudinal / polar magneto-optical Kerr effect to observe the domain structure, and can convert the incident light and the direction of the magnetic field to change the dynamic observation of magnetic domain!!

The magnet energy generated by its own magnetic field, the magnetic field is the essence of electromagnetic field, and can directly convert alternating electromagnetic field energy / magnetic field is not the same, only the static magnetic field produces alternating magnetic field through the relative motion of the conductor, so the magnet is part of a power machine indispensable, of course, modern development The motor is not necessarily a magnet to generate a magnetic field, may also be a coil winding to generate enough magnetic field! But in the use of small generators or many simple structure in DC generator is still strong magnetic material magnetic pole!

Schematic diagram of generator with hard magnetic material as magnetic pole

Schematic diagram of generator with magnetic pole material as coil winding

So you don't understand is a magnet is perpetual motion Oh, this magnetic field can be used to produce energy and auxiliary energy can not directly, don't get me wrong on this issue!!

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