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what is neodymium magnets used for
Apr 02, 2018

what is neodymium magnets used for

Since the invention of neodymium iron boron in 1983, the application of the neodymium magnet have emerged every year in new fields. The annual increase rate is over 30%, The application prospect is very broad.

Neodymium magnet used in various fields:
1. In the microwave communication technology application: In the radar technology, satellite communications, remote telemetry technology, electronic tracking, electronic confrontation technology need to use, magnetron, magnetic control TWT, cathode ray tube, circulator, etc. to use the Neodymium Iron Boron.

2. Application in Electrical Engineering: More than One-third of the production of rare earth permanent magnets is used to make all kinds of permanent magnet motor, the advantage of permanent magnet motor is province copper, power saving, light weight, small volume, high power ratio. Electric bicycle motor, computer-driven motor, lathe and other Shuchong and the rotational speed of the measurement of motor, elevator traction machine motor, mahjong motor, refrigerator air-conditioning motor, wind-powered motor, motor vehicle starting and so on the application of a wide range of fields.

3. Applications in electro-acoustic devices´╝Ü Such as loudspeakers (speakers), microphones, hearing aids, stereo headphones (MP3, MP4), telephone receivers and electro-acoustic sensors, etc.

4. Application in magnetic mechanical Engineering: Magnetic machinery includes magnetic clutch, magnetic gear, magnetic brake, magnetic fixture, magnetic salvage device, magnetic bearing, magnetic pump, magnetic valve, magnetic seal, magnetic Lock and Permanent magnet jack, permanent magnet conveyor, etc.

5. Application in Transportation tools: the use of same-sex repulsion principle of the train called Maglev train; modern luxury cars need to use 15-70 permanent magnet devices, such as windshield wiper motor, oil pump motor, open window motor, door lock motor, fog motor, automatic steam controller, starting motor and so on.

6. Application in Magnetic separation technology: Magnetic separation technology is used to separate ferromagnetic materials from non-ferrous materials.      Magnetic separation technology has been widely used in mineral processing, coal preparation, raw material treatment, water treatment, waste treatment, and in the medical, chemical and food industries.

7. Application in Magnetizing technology: magnetic field to the material magnetization, change the bonding state and nature of the magnetized material, or change the atomic, electronic state, promote the chemical reaction and fuel combustion, or change the crystalline form or freezing point of the matter, this technology is called magnetization technology.      The magnetizing device, the oil-saving device in the automobile, the petroleum wax-proof device in oil exploitation and so on.

8. In the use of magnetic therapy and fitness equipment: such as magnetic therapy cups, magnetic ball, magnetic therapy machine, magnetic shoes, therapy caps, magnetic bracelets, necklaces and so on, as well as in recent years the rapid development of medical equipment, MRI Imager (MRI) per unit dosage in 3--4 ton.

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2nd April 2018