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What is bonded Nd-Fe-B neodymium magnet
Apr 08, 2018

What is bonded Nd-Fe-B neodymium magnet?

Bonded neodymium magnet
Bonded nd-FE-B is a NdFeB bonded permanent magnet material is made of NdFeB magnetic powder, which is a kind of high-performance permanent magnet material, which accords with the trend of modern electronic product with short, small, light and thin direction. 

Advantages: High residual magnetism, high coercive force, high magnetic energy product, high-performance price ratio, easy processing of various sizes and minimum specifications, high precision.

Application field: The production and application of neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet materials is late, the application surface is not wide, the dosage is small, mainly used for office automation equipment, electrical machinery, audio-visual equipment, instrumentation, small motor and metering machinery, in mobile phones, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drive motor, HDD spindle motor HDD, Other micro-special DC motor and automatic instrumentation and other fields are widely used.  In recent years, the application ratio of bonded ndfeb permanent magnets in China is as follows: computer accounted for 62%, electronic industry accounted for 7%, office automation equipment accounted for 8%, automobile accounted for 7%, apparatus accounted for 7%, others accounted for 9%.

Compared with sintered nd-FE-B, bonded nd-FE-B can be formed once, no more than two processing, can be made of various shapes and complex magnets, which can not be compared to the sintered magnets, the application of which will greatly reduce the size and weight of the motor.