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ndfeb ring magnet
Apr 02, 2018

Ring NdFeB Magnet for the Horn

What is the horn Magnet

Horn magnet refers to the magnets used in the horn, that is, for the horn inside the magnet, referred to as horn magnet.

The operating principle of the horn magnet
changes the current into the stereo, the magnet becomes the electromagnet. The current direction is constantly changing, electromagnet because of "the power conductor in the magnetic Field Force movement" and also keep moving back and forth, driving the paper basin also shake back and forth.  The sound is audible.

Species of the horn magnet
There has two type of the magnet used for the horn. One is Ferrite Magnet, the other one is NdFeB Magnet.
Ordinary ferrite magnets are mainly used for low-grade headphones Cause the lower power of the magnetic itself. The sounds quality is bad, simply do not fit to make headphones material.  NdFeB magnets for high-end headphones, the quality of first-class, good elasticity, the details of good performance, good voice, sound field positioning accurately.
Ring NdFeB Magnet is for the horn.

Nd-Fe-B horn magnet
Main specifications of the horn magnet are: φ6*1,φ6*1.5,φ6*5,φ6.5*1.5,φ6.5*φ2*1.5,φ12*1.5,φ12.5*1.2, the above digital units are mm (mm). Specific also need to be based on the requirements of the Speaker specifications. Horn magnetic coating, is generally galvanized, but according to environmental protection and many other requirements, can be environmentally friendly zinc electroplating. Xiamen Magforever Company in dedicate to the magnetic manufacturing for over 8 years, especially the horn magnet.

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2nd April 2018