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NdFeB magnet grades
Mar 31, 2018

NdFeB magnet grades

Neodymium magnet grades have a simple name. They all started with "N", just means "new" (Industry neodymium Simplified) and followed by two digits.
This number represents the largest energy product of the Wingate (Mgoe) 1MGOe (CGS unit) equal to 7958KJ/M3 (SI unit).
A suffix letter (or two letters) followed by quantity. It is pointed out that these letters (or lack thereof) with a temperature rating. Strictly speaking, this is not true. The letter actually indicates the intrinsic coercivity (HCI) of the material. Higher HCI, neodymium magnet material can be contacted before the magnet will begin to show the output of the permanent loss of the higher temperature.  It is this fact that is used to connect the last letter (S) of the temperature level.
The current grade of NdFeB magnets is as follows:-n27,n30,n33,n35,n38,n40,n42,n45,n48,n50,n52,n30m,n33m,n35m,n38m,n40m,n42m,n45m,n48m,n50m,n30h, n33h,n35h,n38h,n40h, N42h,n45h,n48h,n30sh,n33sh,n35sh,n38sh,n40sh,n42sh,n45sh,n28uh,n30uh,n33uh,n35uh,n38uh,  N40uh,n28eh,n30eh,n33eh,n35eh,n38eh,n33vh/ah.

However, the neodymium temperature level is only a guideline value. Its physical size and shape of neodymium-iron-boron magnets and the total magnetic circuit actually determine how well the magnets will perform the temperature rise. For example, in free space, The neodymium-iron-boron magnet is demagnetized at a lower temperature than the same size of neodymium-iron-boron magnets connected to a piece of soft steel. It also demagnetizes at a lower temperature than twice times the length of the magnetization direction of the neodymium-iron-boron magnet.  The shape of the inner curve also plays a part in the high-temperature properties of Neodymium Iron Boron. The total neodymium magnet magnetic circuit determines the intrinsic curve of its working point. A magnet with a higher working point (such as a magnet connected to a mild steel or a longer magnet) will be able to cope with a higher temperature, and then it will show demagnetization signs (the work point passes through the "knee" intrinsic curve). If the external demagnetizing field is present, it may mean that the neodymium magnets may be less clear at lower temperatures demagnetize. Therefore, it is rapidly apparent that the total magnetic circuit, the total environment and the application as a whole, must be reviewed to determine whether the neodymium magnets will still perform a satisfactory level of the recommended maximum operating temperature for the letter (S) in its Neodymium Iron Boron grade classification.  For example, the recommended maximum operating temperature of 150 degrees Celsius rated a magnet may start to demagnetize significantly, at 100 degrees Celsius is poorly designed or recommended the maximum operating temperature of 80 degrees rated a magnet C may begin to demagnetize significantly 100 degrees Celsius design is really good.
The recommended maximum operating temperature is a possible indicator of performance, but the user should review whether it is suitable for their design or assist in designing contact with us. The neodymium-iron-boron letter is named as follows (of which XX is the largest energy product in Mgoe):-Recommended maximum nxx 12000 Oe/955ka/m (min) 80 degrees Celsius/175 degrees Fahrenheit NXXM 14000 Oe/1115ka/m (min) 100 degrees Celsius/212 Fahrenheit Degree recommended maximum recommended Max Nxxh 17000 oe/1355ka/m (min) 120 degrees Celsius/248 degrees Fahrenheit nxxsh 20000 oe/1590ka/m (min) 150 degrees Celsius/302 degrees Fahrenheit recommended maximum Nxxuh 25000 OE /1990ka/m (min) 180 ° C/356 F recommended Highest Nxxeh 30000 Oe/2385ka/m (min) 200 degrees Celsius/392 degrees Fahrenheit recommended maximum Nxxvh/nxxah 35000/M (min) 230 degrees Celsius/446 degrees Fahrenheit recommended maximum

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