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How are NdFeB magnet made
Apr 17, 2018

How are NdFeB magnet made

Found that a lot of people are interested in the production process of NdFeB , there are some company engineering to ask us to ask about this matter, today have the time to talk about NdFeB magnets commonly used three kinds of production technology.        T-shaped magnet. jpg NdFeB Magnet is one of the permanent magnets, it has a very high coercivity HC, maximum magnetic energy product and residual magnetism BR, magnetic stability is very good, weight compared to ordinary magnets much lighter, so its application is very wide, almost all walks of life. In the daily production of NdFeB prices ranging from 100 to hundreds of, according to the different processing technology differences.        In the daily production of general NdFeB magnets commonly used three kinds of production processes, namely, sintering process, bonding technology and injection molding process, the following we will look at the specific content of these processes. sintered nd-FE-B magnet process is the magnetic material through the airflow grinding into powder, and then put into the smelting furnace to make the specified specifications of the whole material, such processes produced by the NdFeB magnet coercivity is very high, and more than ordinary ferrite 10 times times more than the magnetic energy product. This kind of process produces the neodymium Iron boron price relative has certain standard, does not differ too much.        It in the production molding, can be cut according to the needs of the different shape of the product, but its surface chemical activity is relatively high, it must be in the surface plating treatment, commonly used is galvanized nickel.        The bonded nd-FE-B magnet Process and sintering process are more expensive than the finished neodymium-iron boron, mainly because it is integrated molding, one operation completed, no need for other cutting operations, it is through the Neodymium Iron Boron powder and some other materials mixed together, through compression, extrusion or injection molding technology to make permanent magnets. Injection NdFeB Magnet Technology is the highest in all processes, the production of neodymium Iron Boron the highest price, it requires extremely fine, precision molds, the NdFeB powder into the inside to make a complex shape of the finished product, this kind of finished products are very thin.

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