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Artificial magnets
Jun 25, 2018

Artificial magnets:

Divided into hoof-shaped magnets and bar magnets, is the most common life, among which hoof-shaped magnets are more popular. One-sided magnets refers to a magnetic side, the other side of the magnetic weak magnet, the method is to use a special treatment of galvanized iron sheet will be a side of the two-sided magnet package, so that the package of magnetic will be shielded, magnetic refraction to the other side, the other side of magnetism will be enhanced. If some occasions only need one side of magnetism, the other side if magnetic can cause damage or interference; some occasions such as the magnet on the box only need one side of magnetism, the other side is dispensable, there is no use of magnetism, so the use of single-sided magnetic will greatly reduce costs and conserve magnetic materials. The magnetic refraction of a single magnet is like the refraction of a satellite pot to a signal or the refraction of a flashlight's pot on the light:

1. Materials: material selection and thickness, as well as the spacing between magnets and materials are closely related.Pure metal easily leakage magnetic, after special treatment of refraction will be enhanced, but 100% shielding material has not been studied, but different manufacturers do the material effect is also different.

2.Angle: According to the refraction principle, the arc material effect is best, the right angle material refraction loss is big.

3. Space: Magnetic lines in the air like cell phone signal, need to have space to reflect out.
Flashlight lamp pot such as completely wrapped in the light cannon, the use of the effect must not be good, because there is a large number of light refraction is loss. How to use the above principles, will be the best effect of magnetic enhancement, is a lot of parameters between the best problem, many manufacturers are repeatedly doing experiments, such as Xi ' an Cathay Magnet factory single side magnetic treatment of the best results for the enhancement of 50%, so in the box bags and other areas will greatly reduce production costs and conserve magnetic materials.