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Ring Ferrite Magnets

High Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring

High Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring


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High-Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring

  • The manufacturing process is simply

  • Nice temperature stability

  • Can be used between -40 to +200°C

  • Hard and brittle

  • Can be cut using diamond tools

  • Well prevent corrosion

  • Sintered ferrite magnet the oxide, so ferrite magnets will not be rusted under severe environment nor affected by many chemicals (except some strong acids)

  • Widely used in many different applications, such as motors and loudspeakers



No coating


Packaging of the High Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring:




More standard of High Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring:




The magnetization of the High-Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring:



Certification of the High Performance Ferrite Magnet Ring:



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